Chinese media explains why smog is good for China

  From The Guardian:

"On Monday the website of the state broadcaster CCTV published a list of five "unexpected benefits" brought by the smog.

 It said the haze had unified Chinese people, as they found solidarity in their complaints; equalised them, as both rich and poor people were vulnerable to its effects; enlightened them, as they realised the cost of rapid growth; and "made Chinese people more humorous", as smog-related jokes proliferated on the internet."


 "Smog may affect people's health and daily lives. But on the battlefield it can serve as a defensive advantage in military operations," it said. The article buttressed its argument with a list of historical precedents, such as Serbian soldiers burning tyres to impede Nato planes.

 Call me kooky, but I could totally see Fox "News" spinning smog in this way - as long as a GOP guy was the President. Nothing good can happen while that communist is in the White House. But they are our version of state sponsored media - it's just their state is the GOP.